Schools are welcome to contact us to arrange a visit - from studying volcanoes and rocks to cross country runs - there are many options available.
Suggested study topics for primary and secondary students:


Worldwide volcano types

What causes the different types of volcanoes in the Western District? What effects do they have on the landscape (lakes, vegetation, soils, plants)?

Geology of other visible mountains - Leura, Sugarloaf, Noorat etc.

Hazards from volcanoes around the world

Aboriginal and European settlement:

Aboriginal group structure and settlement

Volcanoes and Aboriginal Country.

Volcanoes and European settlement and the effects on the environment

Mount Elephant and the local community: ownership, quarries, management, pests, tourism,


Volcanoes related to soils, water and vegetation

Volcanic soils and agriculture

Ownership of volcanoes and impact on visitors

Effect of European settlement on the landscape


Biodiversity before and after European settlement and after

Methods of adapting to a dry environment

Student Activities:

Measure Mount Elephant: height, diameter, volume of rock, value @$10/cu.m. How much was extracted from each quarry?

Crosswords, hidden words, multiple choice quiz,

Draw the Mount at different important times. (before, during and after eruption and white settlement).

List the types of rock and inclusions and explain why they are there.

What is the effect of weather, time and aspect on the geology and biology?

Why do different volcanoes produce different soils?

List the indigenous and introduced plants. When and how did they arrive?

Reasons for change of plant species over time

Cause of pests and methods of control

List potential uses for the Mount, and the ways it affects the surrounding community.

List the different ways the Mount could be owned and how this would affect the management, funding, public access, and community involvement.

List the ways that basalt is used now and in the past.

List what can be seen from the summit and note them on a map. When did each occur? Estimate distance and bearing.

What early artists painted Mount Elephant, and how would the scene be different now?

What animals might you see and when?

What could be done to encourage or discourage them?

How could we make your mountain experience more interesting? Both as a student and as a tourist.

Flora and Fauna, Wetlands

How have local plants changed over time? How do we know?

How can we affect this from now on?

How have local animals changed over time? How do we know?

How can we affect this from now on?

How have creeks, lakes, wetlands changed over time? How can we affect it.

What effect do changes in wetlands have?