Our visitor centre has several roles. One role is as a reception point for visitors to Mount Elephant. A second role is to widen the focus for the visitor to include the natural environment of the district. This includes the colourful basalt plains grasslands, the exotic animals and birdlife of the many lakes, streams and wetlands, and the traces of our violent geological history.

Schools and other special interest groups regularly visit and  we are happy to develop packages to suit them.

We attract visitors from the Great Ocean Road who are looking for new experiences in the northern part of the Shire.

The Centre can be booked for meetings or small functions.

Contact mountelephant1191@gmail.com with any questions or booking requests.

For details contact Lesley 0409 535 914 or Geoff 0419 361 390 or Jacq 0447 542 270



Mount Elephant tracks are steep and uneven, so keep to marked tracks.

There is a risk of tripping or falling over. Wear stout boots. Walk carefully and do not run.

There is a risk of rolling rocks. Do not walk downhill of others.

The complete rim circuit is about 2 km of hard walking with elevation. People with heart and breathing problems need to take care.

The weather is usually windy and often hot, cold or raining. Dress accordingly and carry water and food and clothing.

The western slope is very steep. You may fall off a cliff. Do not cross to the west of the rabbit fence, and keep to tracks.

The views are stunning and worth the walk!

 In the very unlikely event that you are on the mountain when there is a fire also on the mountain there are things to do.

(Surrounding farmers often burn their stubble in autumn. This is not a risk to you.)

  • 1. Ring 000. You are on Mount Elephant (at "Hamilton Hwy and O'Donnell's Rd, Derrinallum.)
  • 2. Get off the mountain by the shortest way (away from the fire).
  • 3. A fire burns much slower downhill than uphill, so try to keep below the fire.
  • 4. Try to avoid long grass and trees.
  • 5. If very necessary you could light your own fire to make a safe burned area.
  • 6. Ring 000 to say that you are safe.