(Update 19/8/2017)

Many birds are arriving here. Click on the bird name for more details. Thanks to Birdlife Australia.

Click here for eBird sightings on Mount Elephant. 32 species spotted to date. Can you see others?

Wedge-tailed eagle

These regularly patrol Mount Elephant riding the thermals.

Peregrine falcon.

A pair of peregrines have nested nearby for many years. They hunt other birds on the wing.

Black kite.

These are often overhead as a dark silhouette. They like to gather around stubble fires hunting quail and mice.

Nankeen kestrel.

A pair of kestrels appear to nest in the burrows in the quarry wall above the Centre

Brown goshawk

This young brown goshawk flew into the Centre and hit a window, leaving the mouse remains on the glass. It was removed and flew away unhurt.