There are many other local volcanoes online. They are owned and managed in different ways.

Mount Leura Owned by Corangamite Shire and managed by a Committee of Management (COM). It is part of the Leura Maar complex. Unlimited access by sealed road.

Mount Sugarloaf Owned by National Trust of Vic, managed by a local COM. Part of the Leura Maar. Unlimited access by walking track.

Mount Shadwell Owned and managed by Moyne Shire. It is an active quarry. It has an interesting range of rocks. Limited access on application to shire council offices.

Mount Rouse Owned by Southern Grampians Shire, managed by a COM. A Discovery Centre in Penshurst can provide guides. Unlimited access by sealed road.

Tower Hill, Owned by Parks Vic, Managed by the Worn Gundidj (WG Enterprises). Visitor Centre, shop and guides available. Unlimited access by sealed road.

Mount Noorat Private land, Unlimited walking access to the crater.

Mount Widderin, Skipton Private land. Limited by appointment walking/crawling access to the caves.

Mount Eccles, Owned by Parks Vic. Unlimited access by sealed road and walking tracks.

Mount Buninyong Maybe owned by City of Ballarat as a scenic reserve. Access by walking track.