Mount Elephant is not all hills and views. The wooded area of the eastern foothills host plenty of wildlife. The shy fellow on the left is sitting between the 2 trees with the thickest trunks in the photo on the left. I did not disturb them, but I think it is a mother and joey.

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Wildlife is returning along with the revegetation.

Species must be mobile or able to survive on rainfall alone.

Pest species include rabbits, foxes, (cats?), mice,

Returning species include mountain grey kangaroo, black wallaby, many insects (to be listed),

An interesting visitor is the Wanderer butterfly. It migrates vast distances and feeds on Mount Elephant on a local "swan plant" weed.

Click here for a description. and click here for a more exciting Museum Victoria description. And click here.for a video

the bird list by Chris Lindorf in temporarily unavailable.